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Thanks for the welcome; I'm absolutely loving the Substack!

Regarding Bettman. I have never been a fan, but hockey, on the whole, has become way too commercialized, I guess after salaries started going into the stratosphere, but with the actual product on the ice, the descent started with the ads on the boards - I absolutely hate them! But a new low was reached when my beloved Habs started sporting RBC logos on the jerseys. It is just too much.

I like the idea of expanding into non-traditional markets, but not at the expense of Canadian teams (Quebec to Denver, Winnipeg to Atlanta). How does a failed market like Atlanta rate, not one, but two failed chances in the NHL, and Quebec City is shut out? I'm waiting for the day when the Pensacola Piranhas relocate as the Brownsville Station Boars, and then the Pensacola Parcheesies reappear and play out of the Black & Decker Hedge Trimmer Arena. Cynically? Yes, but more realistic than not.

I also like the Flyers' stats stories and the Uke players as well and hope you will do more of these. I would love to read some stats on recently gone teams like the Oakland / California Seals and Minnesota (not Dallas) North Stars.

Being of the Polish persuasion, I would love to read more about Polski NHLers, both born there and here with Polish heritage. I always thought Gretzky considered himself of Polish ancestry - and maybe he is? Substack can find out.

Thanks again for the great stuff!!

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Thanks for the kind words and feedback, Stan. We are happy that you are enjoying this!

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