While you are hitting certain markets admirably (Montreal, Ottawa, Chicago, San Jose and Toronto) and giving nods to others (Florida, Vancouver and Colorado), you will satisfy even more fans by digging a bit to find interesting angles from St.Louis, Nashville, Washington, D.C. and others.

Appreciated in advance.

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Thanks for subscribing and reading, Rob. We truly appreciate it.

We can only fit so much content into our daily newsletter, and we have to focus on where our biggest audiences are with that limited content real estate.

However, we have created Substack newsletters for every team in the NHL, and they deliver every piece of new content published for those franchises throughout the week.

You can find a link at the top of our Substack page, or just click here - https://thehockeywriters.substack.com/p/thw-team-based-substack-newsletters - and you'll find a link to all of them.

Have a great day!

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No Washington D.C. Substack, no Nashville Substack.

Limited space I hear you. So, I suggest one less article about Nylander and one more about the highly overturned Predators roster, one less piece about Ottawa's playoff chances and one on when Laviolette's pedigree will wear out (or pay off again).

Thank you for your reply before and any here.

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